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How do we help?

The Students' Fund of Hope has worked to ease the financial burden of FRHC students and their families in the form of (but certainly not limited to) the following:

  • Depleted/Negative Lunch Accounts

  • Book Rental Help

  • Clothing, Shoes, and Coats

  • Hygiene Items

  • Tragic Event Relief

  • Extra Curricular Activity Assistance

  • Teacher/School Staff Observed Needs

  • Basic Needs Such as Food, Shelter, and Utilities

  • Counseling

  • Abuse Prevention Curriculum

  • And So Much More!

If you are in need of assistance please click the button below to fill out our assistance recipient form!


Showing students and families in the Hope Community that when we come together there's hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Take a

If you need assistance getting you child(ren) a winter coat this year please let us know! We may be able to help. Click the button below to apply!


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It is with the utmost gratitude that we thank Peterman Brothers for the opportunity to be one of their charity partners for 2022! We appreciate you voting for us during the competition!


Sorry, we currently don't have any upcoming events, but check back soon!

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