Born from a simple idea of a freewill donation root beer float stand to help support student lunch accounts from FRHC schools, Whitney Budd and Stephanie Long realized the needs of children in their community was much larger than they ever expected. Since rescuing over $6,000 worth of small claim lunch accounts, our small nonprofit grew to identify and meet needs small and large.


       Since our start in 2018, we have helped hundreds of students and their families with needs varying from tragic event relief, homelessness, and even providing school staff with classroom essentials that are needed for their students. There has yet to be an essential need unmet.


       Today, Students' Fund of Hope, or SFOH, has formally organized with a board of eight community members, and are consistently looking for ways to help the students in Hope.


       We appreciate your help and support as we reach every worthy and deserving child who just needs a little hope!